Finding the pesher

© 2005 Dr. Barbara Thiering (April, 2005)

In this section, we will explain the procedures that must be followed in order the discover the pesher of the four gospels, Acts and Revelation. It is concentrated work, but immensely rewarding, yielding a full history of Jesus and earliest Christianity.

The full pesher can only be found from the Greek text, in the best manuscripts. But basic facts can be understood from translations. For English, RSV (Revised Standard Version) is the most reliable

The essential methodological point is the rule of consistency. Every special meaning, every particular procedure, is applied in all occurrences throughout the six books. When it is found that there is perfect consistency, it becomes certain that the pesher is objectively there and has been placed there. No arbitrary interpretations will work, no guesses. There are tests of consistency from many different directions, as will be shown.

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