Information on Searching This Site

Searching is really simple:

Note that phrase searches are not supported, i.e. it doesn't make sense to put quotes around your query "like this".

The results are ordered by relevance with the most relevant documents listed first. Relevance depends on the number and position of matched words in the documents. (Relevance ordering is much more precise that a Google page rank because it is based on this site alone.)

On the results page you can click on one of the links shown or on the word highlight. Highlight puts a turquoise box over the word searched which makes it easier to find on the page, however it does introduce some extraneous characters. Note: Unfortunately, this search program does not support UTF-8 so that some Greek words contain unitelligibale letters where special letters would be, so please return back to the site and look at the page there for the Greek.
For large documents, after displaying the selected page, it might be easier to use Browser menu item Edit/"Find on this page" by entering the search word again. (This is especially useful for phrase searches since this search program does not support them. If you need a phrase search, try Google link at the bottom of the index page.)

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