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This site is a follow-on from Dr. Barbara Thiering's popular book "Jesus the Man". This scholarly site uses word-for-word pesher analysis of all the major verses of the Gospels and Revelation, revealing the true Christian origins. It shows how Jesus, after surviving the Crucifixion, continued to shape the early Christian Church, writing the gospels of John and Luke and parts of Paul's Epistles and finally how he died in Rome at the age of 78 near the end of June, 72 AD.
Sadly Dr. Barbara Thiering died November 16, 2015 at the age of 85 and will be sorely missed.
(See her obituary written by her daughter and sons)

I, Dylan Stephens, built this site for Dr. Barbara Thiering to allow her to expand her theory on the pesher from her popular publication of 'Jesus, the Man' and I have continued to pay for its web presence out of the funds of the Infinite Soulutions Foundation
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White textile garments found with the Dead Sea Scrolls indicate Essenes.

**Now with fully updated lexicon**

Contained in Section 9 includes:
* Letters to the 7 churches sent by Jesus, still alive in 49 AD
* The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse - missionary priests.
* The coronation of Agrippa II
* The canonization of the New Testament in an early form
* The transfer of Christians to Europe.

Decoding the Book of Revelation C and D has been renamed with a new Introduction as The Descendants of Jesus.

Contained in Section 10 includes:
* Date and Place of the Death of Jesus"
* History of Jesus II, Jesus III and Jesus IV, descendants of Jesus
* Abandonment of Thousand Years fallacy
* The Great Harlot
* Date of establishment of Christianity in Britain - 113 AD

Also the real story of what actually happened at the CRUCIFIXION and the RESURRECTION in Section 6 and 7 and much more!

Every detail of time and place may now be known from the application of the pesher technique.

The pesher of verses that have been given a Word for Word treatment on this site can be found by going directly to Word for Word Index of Verses.

New visitors are invited to click on the first **MIRACLES** section on the left containing NATURAL EXPLANATIONS for the "miraculous" events of the New Testament and to read the BIOGRAPHIES of the major characters in the New Testament.

In Section11: Biographies, see what the pesher reveals about these New Testament persons: Simon Magus, Helena, Joseph the father of Jesus, Mary the mother of Jesus, Simon Peter, Luke the Beloved Physician, Theudas and Apollos, Matthew, James and Jude, The Apostle Philip, Mary Magdalene, Agrippa II and Bernice, Timothy, Ananus the Younger, Pontius Pilate, Jonathan Annas, Thomas Didymus, and ****New: Herod the Great

Serious responses to topics and questions in Questions and Comments section such as:

Origin of Masonic symbols in Essenism
Jesus and Paul
The 153 Fish of John 21:11

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