Help for Javascript problems

This site requires that:
Javascript be enabled.
We recommend that you use Firefox.
Click below for information and download for the lastest release:

Get Firefox!

If you have Firefox go to Tools/Options at the top of your browser window
and click on Web Features on the left and check "enable Javascript" then OK
then click Reload at the top of your browser window.

If you do not want to switch to Firefox,
on Microsoft Internet Explorer go to "Tools/Internet Options
at the top of your browser window. Change to the "Security" tab on the top
and select the "Custom" button at the bottom and scroll down to the
scripting section and under "active scripting" select enable,
reply yes to "are you sure question" then OK OK then click View/Refresh.
(It is possible that you will get a further warning about using script on the top
of the content page. Just accept this as it will not cause problems here.
If you are concerned, use Firefox as your browser to avoid Microsoft vunerabilities.)

Helpful Micosoft page on enabling javascript on other browsers