Complete Pesher of the Resurrection:
Word for Word Pesher of Individual Passages

© 2005 Dr. Barbara Thiering

The resurrection passages in each gospel are treated individually, verse by verse. For each verse, the Greek is given in Greek script, followed by the transliteration. A very literal translation is then given in blue. In order to convey the exact form of the Greek, it has to disregard natural English usage. The Lexicon explanations appear in the window above and may be obtained by pressing the underlined words in the literal translation of each verse. A natural translation will be found in the Revised Standard Version, which necessarily obscures distinctions made by Greek grammar. The pesher of each verse follows, in red print, setting out what is conveyed through the special meaning of terms and other rules of pesher. Words followed by RLR or SRLR are affected by the Rule of the Last Referent, explained in Rules of Pesher.

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