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The Complete Pesher of the Crucifixion

There are two parts:

A. Why was Jesus Crucified?

The political pre-history & Word for Word Pesher

B. The Crucifixion

1. Overview

2. Locations

3. Word for Word Pesher

4. For Reference

Notes to assist readers:

The Word-for-Word of each verse of the relevant passages is given, showing that every word, when its special meaning is known and consistently applied, gives an item in the narrative. For each verse the Greek text is given, followed by a transliteration in green, then in blue a very literal translation, often at the expense of natural English. In the blue verses underlined words when pressed will show the special meaning of the term from the Lexicon at the top of the screen.Words followed by RLR or SRLR are affected by the Rule of the Last Referent, explained in Rules of Pesher. In the red print the pesher of the verse is given fully, with additional relevant facts.

In the index in the left frame you will find "Word for Word Index" which contains all WFW verses on this site indexed by verse It also contains and index by section, an index of all photos, an index of all figures, and the WFW of certain requested verses that do not appear elsewhere.

On the Word-for-Word page under the title "Pesher Technique" is a standard pull-down list to either return to the previous index or to link to one of the Word-for-Word verses contained on that page. To display the contents of this pull-down list, click the down arrow to the right of the pull-down list box. Click on "RETURN TO INDEX" or the verse to link to when it is highlighted as you place the cursor on it for the required action.

Images of Greek verses used under license from University of York, many thanks to the late Tony Fisher.

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